An aspiring Bloods gang member was found guilty of murder in Superior Court in Camden on Friday for accidentally killing a nurse's aide during a botched hit on another man, according to New Jersey Attorney General Paula T. Dow.

Manfred J. Younger, 24, shot Tierra Pressley, 24, of Woodlynne, with a semiautomatic handgun on June 17, 2007, as she spoke with Younger's intended victim, Adrien Jackson, around 2:30 a.m. at Seventh and Sycamore Streets in Camden, officials said.

Younger, of Camden, told witnesses that he had been ordered to kill Jackson, who was shot in the chest, abdomen and arm, because Jackson had disrespected some of his associates, authorities said. A witness testified that Younger shot Jackson as a "Bloods initiation hit."

Anthony D. Parker, 27, of Camden, a codefendant, was acquitted Friday of all charges. The jury also found Younger guilty of attempted murder. He faces a life sentence on the murder charge and additional time on related charges. Sentencing is set for June 15. - Darran Simon