NEW JERSEY State Police are investigating allegations that two state troopers ushered a high-speed parade of luxury sports cars - including one reportedly driven by former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs - as they recklessly tore down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City in March.

Early in the afternoon of March 30, witnesses reportedly saw two patrol cars, lights on, speeding down the Parkway with a pack of more than two dozen cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches, the Newark Star-Ledger reported Sunday.

During the rip-roaring ride, dubbed "Death Race 2012" by one witness quoted in the Star-Ledger, all the vehicles' license plates reportedly were covered with tape and and the vehicles drove recklessly, reaching speeds estimated at 100 mph, and weaving in and out of other vehicles in the three southbound lanes.

A State Police spokesman confirmed that the alleged escort was under investigation, according to the paper, but declined to provide details or identify the troopers involved.

Jacobs' agent told the Star-Ledger that his client, who recently signed a one-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers, was part of a group that traveled to Atlantic City March 30, but declined to confirm whether he had been involved in the race down the highway.