Air monitor technicians have inspected 155 Paulsboro homes and 10 businesses, and no toxic chemicals have been detected, U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Nick Ameen said Saturday.

The testing began at noon Friday and is ongoing. Residents in 25 homes have declined testing, Ameen said.

Most Paulsboro residents evacuated after the freight train derailment last week on a bridge over Mantua Creek have returned home.

Residents of 10 homes closest to the bridge cannot go home yet due to heavy machinery and response equipment still in the area, the officer said. "It's not due to vinyl chloride gas; there have been zero readings of vinyl chloride for several days now."

More than 600 residents in 200 homes were evacuated after the crash.

Residents wanting their air quality tested can go to the Community Assistance Center at the Paulsboro Fire Department. They will be accompanied by a police officer and a technician to their homes, Ameen said.

- Linda Loyd