Two New Jersey white supremacists who allegedly attacked several men of Egyptian descent on New Years Eve - and then boasted about the assault on a social media website - were charged this morning with the commission of hate crimes, federal prosecutors said.

Christopher Ising, 31, and Michal Gunar, 27, purportedly are members of two virulently racist neo-Nazi groups. Federal authorities said Ising, of East Brunswick, belonged to the "Atlantic City Skins;" Gunar, of Cranbury, is a member of the "Aryan Terror Brigade," according to the indictment.

On New Years Eve 2011, Ising threw a party at his home where he discussed plans to assault non-Caucasians at random with Gunar and others, the indictment said. Pumped up on alcohol and white supremacist music, Ising, Gunar and six to eight party goers left Ising's home to "hunt down some sand niggers," Gunar later wrote.

At a nearby Sayreville apartment complex, the skinheads found their prey in a parking lot. Ising, carrying brass knuckles, and Gunar, brandishing a knife, set apon a man identified in the indictment as M.H. When a friend of the victim, R.M., rushed to his aid, the skinheads attacked him while shouting anti-Arab slurs, according to the indictment. The indictment was unclear about the role of the third man.

Following the beatings, Ising and Gunar fled to Ising's home. Later, Gunar posted a picture of a pair of pants soiled with blood. About a week later, Gunar trumpeted his involvement with the beating on the same website, according to the indictment.

" ...(W)e went to hunt down some sand niggers, it was me and my other bro on like 6 or eight and we whooped them..." Gunar allegedly wrote.

If convicted on the hate crime charges, both Ising and Gunar face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000