The Camden Board of Education will eliminate more than 100 positions in the 2013-14 school year, officials said at Tuesday night's meeting.

In front of more than 100 people, most district employees, the board announced that the cuts would include about 32 teaching positions and 35 supervisory positions such as vice principals, department heads, and supervisors. The district has about 2,700 full-time employees.

Since the board approved a $326.5 million operating budget for 2013-14 earlier this year, it was estimated that about 100 positions would be eliminated, but it was not clear until Tuesday which positions would be cut. The budget, which included the cuts, is about $10 million more than the current school year's budget.

Some of the eliminated positions are vacant; others are filled by employees planning to retire. Employees whose jobs are cut could be moved to similar positions within the district, school officials have said.

A large group of school employees gathered by the microphone at Tuesday's meeting to express disappointment in the proposed job eliminations.

The teachers union president, LaVerne Harvey, complained about so much district money going to charter schools. "I'm just saddened by what charter schools have done to the members of our association," Harvey said.

About $66 million of the district's budget will go toward charter schools. Charter schools receive up to 90 percent of per-pupil costs in the district.

"In order to balance the budget, positions need to be eliminated," said interim Superintendent Reuben Mills. "In getting to that point, we are making these recommendations."

Calvin Gunning, representing the Camden principals union, called the elimination of so many employees "a union-busting tactic."

Teachers, supervisors, and union representatives were lined up by the dozens waiting to decry the job cuts late Tuesday.

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