JERSEY CITY, N.J. - A goat believed to have escaped en route to a slaughterhouse snarled the Tuesday morning commute along one of the busiest roadways in North Jersey, leading police on a nearly two-hour chase.

The small, chocolate-brown female with curved horns eluded five police officers for more than 90 minutes by jumping back and forth over a central divider along the Pulaski Skyway, alternately disrupting traffic in eastbound and westbound lanes, according to city spokesman Stan Eason.

Traffic was snarled from 7:10 until almost 9 along the elevated roadway, which carries thousands of vehicles daily to the Holland Tunnel and into New York City.

Four vehicles, whose drivers were attempting to avoid the zigzagging goat, were involved in a minor accident, police said. There were no injuries.

The goat eventually tired, Eason said, and officers were able to form a semicircle around it and secure it in a noose.