All uniformed patrol officers in Glassboro will begin wearing body cameras to record their interactions with the public, starting Wednesday.

The Gloucester County department said officers would be required to activate the cameras anytime they interact with citizens while performing official duties, including responding to calls for service, motor vehicle stops, field interviews, investigative detentions and sobriety checkpoints.

Glassboro police said the department's policy requires the cameras to remain active "for the entire duration of citizen contact until either the officer or citizen has departed the scene."

Exceptions to camera use involve sensitive cases like sexual assaults, domestic violence incidents and medical emergencies, police said. Officers must document deactivating their cameras for such reasons, according to the department.

Footage from the cameras will be automatically uploaded to a secure server, police said.

Police departments around the country have been exploring body cameras in recent months, in the wake of high-profile confrontations between police and communities.

Advocates for the cameras say they would prevent police brutality and corruption, and clear officers wrongly accused of misconduct. But privacy and cost issues are making their implementation a gradual process in many places.

The Glassboro officers will be using Taser Axon Camera System devices. During a trial period, officers tested several cameras before settling on the Taser model.

There are 45 full-time sworn officers in the department, according to the Glassboro police website.