This is turning into a circus.

Police on Tuesday said another teenager has been charged with making "clown threats" against a South Jersey school.

The 13-year-old boy was arrested Monday for allegedly posting threats on Instagram directed toward William Davies Middle School in Mays Landing, according to Township of Hamilton police.

The boy, who lives in Mays Landing, was charged with making terroristic threats and causing false public alarm. He was released to his parents pending action juvenile court, police said. His name was not released.

Suspicious clown sightings and social media threats have caused widespread concern nationwide in recent weeks.

In Philadelphia, authorities on Monday said a 13-year-old girl admitted to them that she and a friend were responsible for the "scary clown threats" over the weekend that targeted city schools. They did it as a prank. Her name was not released.

Meanwhile in South Jersey, two teens from Deptford Township, Gloucester County, were arrested Monday and charged with cyber harassment for allegedly posting similar social media threats. Their names were also withheld.

These widely reported, but unfounded "creepy clown" sightings around the country and in Pennsylvania are fueling a panic, Pennsylvania State Police said Tuesday.

Seeking to dispel fears surrounding the reports, state police issued a community awareness bulletin noting the number of cases has grown with increased media attention.

"Over the last few months, 'creepy clowns' have been reported throughout the United States and the world," said the bulletin, which includes footnotes. "The media has reported incidents where clowns have stood on the street not moving or speaking, to incidents where creepy clowns attempt to lure children into wooded areas."

"Many of these reported clown sightings have little to no evidence establishing their legitimacy, but it is fueling a clown panic throughout the country," the bulletin said. @TommyRowan