The man who served time in connection with the 2012 slaying of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale was found bleeding and banging on doors for help after he was shot in a chaotic home-invasion robbery in Camden County this week,  a source familiar with the incident said.

The Camden County Prosecutor's Office, in a news release Wednesday, said Dante Robinson, 21, of Clayton, Gloucester County, was injured after allegedly breaking into a residence in the Key Lane area of Sicklerville about 12:30 a.m. Monday.

Robinson's mother said Thursday that her son was duped into driving other, unnamed suspects.

"He's very naïve and very easily manipulated," Anita Saunders said. "I know for a fact, he did not intentionally go anywhere to cause anyone any harm."

Her son, Saunders said, has learning disabilities.

Robinson's brother, Justin, is serving a 17-year sentence for strangling the Clayton girl in a case that received national attention. Dante Robinson, who was originally charged with murder in the case, served time for obstruction of justice and was released less than a year later, incensing Pasquale's family and many in the small town.

The Prosecutor's Office did not release any details about the home invasion. On Thursday, a spokeswoman said information about specific injuries is "not required to be released."

According to the source familiar with the incident, a gun cabinet was allegedly smashed open inside the residence during a struggle and Robinson was shot. A female at the home was screaming "My uncle shot him" to the police, the source said.

The victims of the alleged home invasion could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Police were called to a home on Jarvis Road, the source said, where Robinson had been banging on doors and bleeding profusely. Saunders said her son was still being treated at Cooper University Hospital on Thursday afternoon.

Pasquale's mother, Jennifer Cornwell, declined to comment.

The girl went missing Oct. 20, 2012, after leaving her father's home on her white BMX bicycle. In the days before her body was found inside a recycling container near the Robinsons' home, residents fanned out in the woods and fields surrounding Clayton to look for her.

Tensions ran high in Clayton in the aftermath.

Anthony Pasquale, Autumn's father, sued Saunders and Justin Robinson's biological father, Alonzo Robinson, claiming they were negligent parents.

A year later, after Dante Robinson was released, some residents in Clayton said they had wished the Robinsons "moved away." Others were supportive.

"People wanted us to know we were in their prayers, too," Saunders told the Daily News in 2013.

On Wednesday, Anthony Pasquale also took to Facebook after hearing of Robinson's arrest.

"Anyone surprise by this recent event?! Most likely not! The infamous brothers once again in the spotlight. He got away the first time, lets see what the justice system will do now!" he posted on Facebook.

In the home invasion, Robinson was charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery, second-degree burglary, second-degree theft, third-degree aggravated assault, and third-degree endangering a child.

Under New Jersey rules, Robinson may be detained without bail or released with conditions.

Saunders said it was unfortunate that her son's arrest rehashed the Pasquale case.

"Again," Saunders said, "he is caught up in something he didn't do."