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Powerball won in Florida, Mega Millions won in N.J., Va.

LOTTERY UPDATE: One ticket sold in Florida has won the Powerball jackpot, with a final annuity value of $590.5 million, short of the advertised estimate of $600 million. It failed to break the all-time record of $656 million set in March 2012 by Mega Millions. It did set a record, however, for the biggest jackpot with a single winner. The numbers drawn Saturday night were 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52, with a Powerball of 11. Pennsylvania had two $1 million winners, and New Jersey had at least one as well.


A Mega Millions jackpot advertised at $190 million has been won by two tickets, one sold in New Jersey, the other in Virginia.

They matched all the numbers drawn Friday night: 11, 15, 35, 43 and 49, with a Mega Ball of 41.

Winners usually take the cash payout, which in this case would be $70 million each. Before taxes, of course.

Seventeen tickets missed only the Mega Ball. The two sold in Pennsylvania are worth $250,000 each, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery's website. Jersey sold three, worth at least $250,000. The prize jumps to $1 million if the player also bought the Megaplier prize-boosting option. New York and Michigan also sold three each, while Maryland, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Texas and Washington each sold one.

The Mega Millions jackpot reboots to $12 million for Tuesday's drawing, which could prove a boon to rival Powerball's quest to set the U.S. lottery jackpot record.

Powerball has top prizes of $600 million for the annuity -- an all-time Powerball record -- and  $376.9 million for the cash.

The jackpot has been boosted twice since Wednesday's drawing, from $475 million to $550 million on Thursday, then to its current $600 million on Friday.

So strong sales Saturday could mean another hike, threatening the biggest jackpot ever. That was $656 million annuity in the March 30, 2012, Mega Millions drawing. The three winners, who bought their tickets in in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas, split the $471 million cash payout.

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New Jersey already hit two major jackpots this year. In March, Pedro Quezada of Passiac won a Powerball jackpot with a $338 million annuity. In January, Angel Guallpa-Mayancela of Orange won a Mega Millions jackpot advertised as worth $89 million.

Illinois hit a $50 million jackpot this March, as well as part of that record Mega Millions jackpot in March 2012.

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