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Pimp 'Gucci Prada' gets life for forcing child into prostitution

A Philadelphia pimp who sold a child for sex and forced two other women into prostitution was sentenced this morning to life in prison without a chance of parole.

A Philadelphia pimp who sold a child for sex and forced two other women into prostitution was sentenced this morning to life in prison without a chance of parole.

"The depravity of this case cannot be understated," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Morgan in a sentencing memo. "The impact of this crime on the minor victim's emotional and psychological well-being is likely irrevocable."

Christian Dior Womack, 30, operated his prostitution network from May 2012 to February 2013 out of several hotels from Atlantic City to Virginia Beach.

Womack, also known as Gucci Prada, first encountered the child at an Atlantic City casino. The 16-year-old girl had been abandoned in the city by her friends. Womack and his girlfriend, Rashidah Brice, approached the child and during the course of a conversation convinced her to pose as a prostitute in order to steal money from johns.

According to federal prosecutors, the couple took the girl to Trump Plaza where Womack punched and threatened the girl with more violence if she didn't participate. A client found by the couple had sex with the girl. Brice, who secretly recorded the encounter on a smartphone, confronted the man and demanded more money from him for having sex with a minor.

The couple ferried the girl to Maryland, where they beat and choked her and placed advertisements on offering her sexual services.

After driving to Virginia Beach, Womack, who had threatened the girl with a gun, forced her to have sex with 15 different men, prosecutors said.

Womack then drove the girl to Philadelphia, where he set up shop near the Philadelphia International Airport. At the Red Roof Inn, she had sex with numerous men. After one session, she pleaded with a customer for money so she could escape. He gave her $50 for cab fare. She contacted her mother in New England who then called Philadelphia police, prosecutors said.

The couple returned to Atlantic City where they trawled again for another victim. Brice spotted a new target and offered her a ride to Pennsylvania.

During the trip west, Womack plied the new woman with narcotic painkillers and proposed she work as a prostitute for him. She declined his offer. Womack took her cell phone and driver's license, then posted a picture of her on advertising prostitution services. The woman escaped before engaging in any commercial sex acts but Womack did not relent. He repeatedly called the woman's father making threats and attempting to extort money, prosecutors said.

A third woman told prosecutors she met Womack through a friend. Womack, she said, drove her to a motel in Claymont, Del., where he gave her narcotic painkillers and took pictures of her that he posted on After four days at the motel, Womack allegedly tried to rape the woman. She woke up 4 a.m. to find him kneeling between her legs, struggling to unwrap a condom with his teeth. The woman ran to the bathroom and locked herself inside. After Womack and Brice fell asleep, she slipped out and called Marcus Hook police. When police arrived at the motel, Womack claimed he had been robbed by the woman. Later that day, Womack called the woman's friend and threatened to kill the woman if she reported anything to police.

Brice pleaded guilty in August to "sex trafficking of a minor by force" and related charges. She was sentenced to 185 months in prison and 10 years of supervised release.

Womack, who received life in prison, will never be eligible for parole.