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Teen boy, girl charged with sending naked pics of other girl

A teenage boy and girl from New Jersey were charged Thursday with exchanging texts that included naked pictures of another teen, which possibly then were posted by others on a social network, according to various media reports.

The Little Falls Police Department told the media that a 16-year-old girl from that Passaic County community showed the pictures of a 17-year-old Woodland Park girl to other teens. The two attend Passaic Valley High School.

Police said the girl showing the photos originally received them from a 16-year-old West Orange male. The male appears to have had a previous relationship with the victim.

The girl from Little Falls and the boy from West Orange were arrested Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. They were charged with counts of child endangerment. The girl allegedly also sent videos and pictures of local teens engaged in sex, according to the Record of Bergen County.

More arrests are possible, authorities said.

"They are very serious charges," said Detective Sgt. James Briggs of the Fair Lawn Police.

Some of the photos were passed around through the KiK Messenger mobile phone texting app, which is popular among tweens and teens.

Little Falls police are asking parents to monitor the phones of their minor children.

Specifically, the teen girl first sent eight nude pictures, according to the Star-Ledger. Then, other juveniles receiving the photos began circulating them, eventually possibly posting them on a social media site.

"The Little Falls juvenile also sent other videos and pictures of juveniles engaged in sexual acts to other local juveniles," said Briggs. "Apparently, some students brought it to the attention of Detective John Vanak, Passaic Valley High School's school resource officer, and then he brought it to my attention and the detective bureau started the investigation."

"We believe the Woodland Park and West Orange juveniles were dating last year when she sent him the pictures but that they broke up afterwards," Briggs said. "We also believe he may have started a relationship with the Little Falls juvenile when he sent her the pictures and then she began to circulate those pictures, a possible a gripe towards his ex-girlfriend."