Anyone who lives in New Jersey or has had to drive on its awful roads has had the debate: Is there a Central Jersey? Or is it just North and South?

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tackled that question this week and declared that, yes, Central Jersey really does exist.

It might also be Narnia.

"It's a little bit of a mystical kingdom, kind of a Camelot," Gov. Murphy told Colbert. "It's in the mist, so you really have to sort of grasp it and live it. It's not abstract. It's there. I promise you."

"Is it New Jersey's Narnia?" Colbert asked.

"It might be," Murphy replied, smiling.

North Jersey and South Jersey residents took jabs at each other in the video — and Philadelphia.

As one North resident said of South residents: "I think they're doing the best they can because they're so close to Philadelphia."

Thanks, but we'll take our Super Bowl-winning Eagles over New York's football teams (which, ironically, play in Jersey).

Jon Stewart — who grew up in the Mercer County community of Lawrenceville and lives in Monmouth County  — made a cameo appearance at the end of the video to issue a final ruling on the debate.

"Central Jersey does exist," Stewart said. "I grew up there."

Stewart, who has a penchant for needling the City of Brotherly Love, also declared that "Philadelphia does not exist" and is "actually a suburb" of  Delaware.

Murphy, for his part, appreciated Stewart's ruling in Central Jersey.

Still, the declaration may not end the debate. As this Reddit forum shows, people will probably always be divided.