A Peco worker was electrocuted early Wednesday while dealing with a power outage in Radnor Township, officials stated.

"We can confirm an employee fatality occurred,"  Ben Armstrong, a Peco spokesman, said.

The incident occurred on the 700 block of Berwood Road in the township's Bryn Mawr section in the early morning hours and involved a first-class line mechanic who had worked for the utility for 31 years, officials said.

The worker, who was in a bucket trying to isolate the affected power line, was found unresponsive about 5:20 a.m. by police who were patrolling in the area. Fire, ambulance, and Peco crews responded within 15 minutes and were able to lower the bucket to get to the lineman, said Lt. Andy Block of Radnor Police.

"The worker came in contact with the power line," said Block. "It appears to be a tragic accident."

Block said a downed tree in the area was the likely cause of the outage that affected about three blocks in the area.

The cause is still under investigation by local authorities and the state Public Utility Commission, Armstrong said.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family," said Armstrong, adding Peco representatives were with the worker's family.

The man worked out of a suburban location and Peco is working closely to provide his colleagues with information and any support they need, Armstrong said.