A Delaware County man has been charged in a ticket scam after he allegedly sold seats he did not have for Eagles and Phillies games to coworkers and friends, the county District Attorney's Office announced Tuesday.

Michael William Boyd, 44, of Brookhaven, has been charged with theft, receiving stolen property, and related crimes. He has been released on bail.

According to court documents, Boyd approached a coworker in April about buying an Eagles seat license and season tickets through his friend. Shortly after receiving $7,200 from the victim, Boyd quit his job. Boyd also allegedly sold $5,000 worth of Phillies playoff tickets to seven other individuals he knew through their children's sports teams. Those seven did not receive tickets.

When confronted by police, Boyd blamed two other men for not delivering the tickets. He could not produce their contact information. Boyd has repaid some of the money, according to court records. - Mari A. Schaefer