Another City Council session, another couple of attempts to stop the casinos.

In what could well become a routine, Council yesterday unanimously overrode Mayor Street's veto of an anti-casino bill. The legislation, unless it is overturned by the courts, will change the zoning at the Foxwoods site in South Philadelphia.

Earlier in yesterday's session, Councilman Frank DiCicco introduced a separate casino control ordinance that would prohibit the construction of any casinos within 1,500 feet of any home, school, park or place of worship - effectively creating only a handful of spots citywide where slots parlors could be built.

That bill is virtually identical to the question on Tuesday's ballot that the State Supreme Court blocked with an injunction last month.

DiCicco's opponent in the primary election - Democrat Vern Anastasio, a vocal slots foe - said he had forced DiCicco into offering the legislation. Their district would be the home to both of Philadelphia's slots parlors.

DiCicco said he had not proposed the bill until yesterday because he had hoped that the Supreme Court would allow Philadelphia voters the chance to decide the issue.

"We thought a referendum was the fair way to do it, to give everyone in the city a chance to have a voice," DiCicco said.

But the State Gaming Control Board and the casinos sued to stop the ballot question, as they are likely to do with any other legislation that attempts to derail construction.

"Our position is what it's always been. We will evaluate a number of options and defend our rights," Foxwoods spokeswoman Maureen Garrity said when told that Council had overridden Street's veto.

Casino opponents are promoting a symbolic shadow vote on the blocked referendum, and DiCicco said he would press ahead with his bill if the nonbinding and unofficial "citizens' election" finds majority opposition to casinos.

Street is likely to veto any further anti-casino legislation passed by Council, though it remains to be seen whether Council will continue to so strongly oppose Foxwoods and SugarHouse once Tuesday's primary has passed.