Sometimes it's all dramatic, as in the movies. And sometimes it just happens.

Close to 7:30 a.m. yesterday, Fire Lt. Mike Goodwin said, he and two emergency medical technicians were responding to a call for help - a woman was giving birth on the shoulder of southbound I-95 near the Allegheny Avenue exit - when they drove up on a minivan.

"When I got out and walked to the car, the baby was already born," Goodwin said. "He was looking up at me."

The dad was in the driver's seat, holding the boy. The mother was in the passenger seat. Two relatives were with them.

Like baby, like parents; they seemed pretty mellow, too, Goodwin said.

"They seemed very calm," he said. "Like, 'La-la-dee-da, it's another day in paradise.' "

Fire EMT Matthew Wnek coached rookie EMT Christine McCloskey on how to cut the umbilical cord, which she did for her first time.

"She was excited," Goodwin said.

The mother, 35, who did not want to be interviewed, and her baby were taken to Northeastern Hospital of Philadelphia, where both were doing well, authorities said.