Coatesville-area residents have breathed easier since a terrifying spate of 70 arsons apparently ended four months ago. Most of the fires are still being investigated, but the victims have not been forgotten.

The Coatesville Professional Firefighters Association will donate school supplies to about three dozen children affected by the arson scourge.

Members of International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3790 will distribute the items, including backpacks, pencils, and paper, at 5 p.m. Monday at United Steelworkers Union Hall, 750 Charles St., Coatesville.

"During the crisis, we didn't have time to reach out and help the community," said Jim Lentz, president of Coatesville's paid-firefighters union. "Now that things have settled down, we realized that people were still in need and came up with a way to help." - Kathleen Brady Shea