Designer and architect Jenny Sabin has received a $50,000 fellowship, one of 50 given annually with no strings attached by United States Artists, a nonprofit organization devoted to artist support.

Sabin, 36, founded the experimental Jenny Sabin Studio in Philadelphia in 2005. She is an assistant professor in design and emerging technologies at Cornell University and was the first nonscientist member of the Institute for Medicine and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, where she continues to collaborate with the Jones Lab. She is also cofounder of the Sabin+Jones LabStudio with Peter Lloyd Jones.

Sabin's digitally designed "greenhouse," commissioned by the American Philosophical Society Museum in conjunction with its "Of Elephants and Roses" exhibition, can be seen in the society's Jefferson Garden on Fifth Street.

Two other Pennsylvania-based artists received awards: J. Morgan Puett, a conceptual artist and founder of Mildred's Lane, an experimental museum and educational organization in northern Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh poet Terrance Hayes. - Stephan Salisbury