A reggae musician wanted after authorities said he absconded with his two children to avoid child-abuse charges in California was captured Tuesday morning in Kensington.

Shauntae Edmond Gray, who performed as Jah Shiloh, was found on the 1900 block of Hart Lane by the FBI's Violent Crime Fugitive Task Force. Both children - Anageon, 5, and Zahir, 3 - were safely recovered, according to an FBI spokesman.

Gray's arrest came after an anonymous caller phoned the Philadelphia FBI office.

Gray was wanted in Sacramento after he fled his home, where he had allegedly abused his children. He was charged with the concealment of his children in violation of a court order. In August 2010, police arrested Gray's girlfriend on abuse charges. Gray was ordered to turn his children over to a child-welfare agency, but went underground to avoid prosecution, the FBI said. - Sam Wood