A multiuse sports complex in Montgomery County could generate $100 million in local economic impact in its first five years, according to a study commissioned by a board that promotes tourism in the county.

No such facility is currently planned, and no money has been identified to pay for one. But the feasibility study, released Wednesday by the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board, said the county has "ideal demographics and location" for a private complex.  Such an indoor-outdoor facility could attract up to 300 tournaments and events over five years, it concluded.

Those tournaments would include youth sports events, drawing families from out of the area, from which hotels, stores, and restaurants in the county would benefit. The study estimated that the facility could generate about 290,000 hotel room stays over five years.

The study said it would cost $30 million to $50 million to build a 92-acre facility with several basketball and volleyball courts, conference rooms, grass and turf fields, a large parking lot, and an outdoor zip line or canopy tour.

But the tourism board, a private, nonprofit organization, doesn't have the funds or authority to bring such a project to life.

Asked Thursday at its regular meeting about the study, the county's Board of Commissioners said it was premature to consider whether county development grants could go toward such a complex -- or whether a developer would even apply for grants.