Forget round tables, all Lady Bud Knight needs is another round.

Inspired by "The Bud Knight" commercial that aired during the Super Bowl this year, Marina Linderman of Fishtown created her own Lady Bud Knight costume to wear to a local Comic Con this spring.

"I really wanted to take a stab at a full-body suit," Linderman said.

The crafted beer costume, made mostly out of a specialized foam material, took her three months to complete. She documented the process on Twitter, under the handle @LadyBudKnight.

After she posted pictures of her completed costume on social media, Bud Light drafted Lady Bud Knight into its "Dilly Dilly universe." In conjunction with its ad agency and an illustrator, Bud Light created an epic backstory for Linderman's steely character and even flew her out to Comic-Con in San Diego last week.

"We were so enamored with Marina's costume, we wanted to write her into the Dilly Dilly universe," said Kyle Lazarus, senior manager of Bud Light digital marketing. "Like any true friend of the crown, we wanted to reward Lady Bud Knight for her efforts and give her the chance to show off the costume on the biggest stage — San Diego Comic-Con."

Marina Linderman shows off her Lady Bud Knight costume outside the San Diego Comic-Con.
Nicole Bryan of Duchess Designs Cosplay
Marina Linderman shows off her Lady Bud Knight costume outside the San Diego Comic-Con.

Linderman said she played her character as a silent knight and not a growler. The response from fans was all cheers and no bitters.

"People went crazy, they loved it," she said. "Sometimes they couldn't tell who I was and then I'd turn and they'd see the Bud Light logo and crack up."

According to recently crafted lore, Lady Bud Knight was not always a lady of the knight. During battle one day, after she threw a horse on another horse and caught a flaming arrow with her bare hands, she stabbed the Bud Knight in the side with her sword.

Instead of gushing blood, it was Bud Light that poured from the Bud Knight's wound. Using her head — and her helmet — she caught the flowing beer and drank it, which turned her into Lady Bud Knight.


While Lady Bud Knight isn't Linderman's first homemade costume — she's also made Xena and cyborg outfits, among others — it is arguably now the one with the best origin story.

Though she has no plans set for Lady Bud Knight in the near future, Linderman said she'd love to see Bud Light flesh out the character even more.

When asked if Lady Bud Knight might appear in future commercials, Lazarus said, "We will have to wait and see."

"Lady Bud Knight has proven herself to be an amazing warrior and a true friend of the crown, so it is very possible that she could resurface in the Dilly Dilly universe," he said.