Philadelphia will have yet another reason to celebrate the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl win next month.

Mural Arts is hosting a dedication ceremony May 8 for a new Super Bowl mural outside of Spike's Trophies along Grant Avenue in the Northeast. The dedication is expected to bring out former Philadelphia Eagles Brian Dawkins and Brian Baldinger, as well as radio announcer Merrill Reese and sports writer Ray Didinger.

David McShane, the artist behind the mural, said the work is an extension of the "City of Champions" mural he made in 2015, which is on the other side of Spike's Trophies and commemorates Philly's championship teams and some beloved athletes. McShane also created the Phillies mural by the Walnut Street Bridge.

"Whenever there's a sports-related thing, I always feel very honored to be able to represent the whole city," he said.

But when McShane created the champions mural a few years ago, he couldn't peer into the future and therefore didn't leave any room for when the Eagles brought home their first Lombardi trophy in February.

McShane said that the night of the Super Bowl, Spike's Trophies CEO Keith Baldwin sent him a text asking about an addition. After talking with Mural Arts, the gears were set in motion for the work that features Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, the Philly Special, and even Jason Kelce in a Mummers costume. The mural was installed earlier this month.

The Super Bowl mural takes up just part of the wall outside Spike's for a reason. McShane hopes to add other winning moments in the future.

The mural will be "added to and changed over time as the city's sports teams change over time," he said.

The public dedication ceremony will take place at 1 p.m. May 8. More details about the dedication event should be available later this week.