Are these Eagles Super Bowl victory tattoos for real?

As the team enters the bye week with the NFL's best record, at least two pictures of fans who have purportedly already gotten Eagles Super Bowl championship tattoos are making the rounds on social media.

While the photos have yet to be verified, and the people in them remain unidentified, some people do get premature championship tattoos — including one fan who not only doesn't regret his 2016 Eagles Super Bowl tattoo, but wishes he had gone bigger.

One, reported Wednesday on Sports Illustrated's website, is a tattoo of the Eagles logo on a man's thigh with the words "SUPER BOWL CHAMPS 2018 – 2020."

This guy expects the Eagles — who have never won a Super Bowl — to win three years in a row? Now, that's a Hail Mary.

Another tattoo surfaced before the season even started: This summer, the website 247 Sports ran a picture of a man with a tattoo across his chest that reads "LII Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagles 2018."

And surprise, surprise — Eagles fans are outraged. Many on social media think the tattoos are bad karma.

Jeremy Gentry knows what it's like to face a storm of criticism for a premature Eagles Super Bowl tattoo. Gentry, of Winston-Salem, N.C., has a large Eagles 2016 Super Bowl trophy tattoo. On his neck.

"I received a variety of responses. A lot of the people who know me personally thought it was soooooo cool," he said. "Then there were the typical computer thugs who were mad and said I jinxed them, blah, blah."

When Gentry was growing up in North Carolina, the state did not have its own football team. Gentry said he looked up to Randall Cunningham, a black quarterback who reminded him of his dad. That's how he came to love the Eagles.

Gentry had so much faith in coach Chip Kelly in 2015 that he got the neck tattoo two weeks before the season started.

"Everyone gets it where it can be covered up. That's soft," he said. "I'm not soft; I'm a real fan, and I wanted people to see it when they saw me without me having to show them."

The tattoo brought Gentry some internet notoriety and an interview on the ESPN show His and Hers.

"I don't regret the tattoo at all. If I could go back in time, I would have tried to go bigger with it," he said. "People ask me a lot, 'When are you getting a cover-up?' Never. I don't want to erase this memory. It's a setup for what's eventually going to happen."

Gentry said he plans to have an X tattooed over the 6 and an 8 placed beside it when the Eagles win this year.

Still, Gentry said he would discourage other fans from getting premature Super Bowl tattoos.

"At this point," he said, "it's kind of overplayed."