Philadelphia is a city that prides itself on how little it cares about your opinion of it. Think Philadelphia is unfriendly? Go cry me a Schuylkill. Think Philly is unhappy? This is our happy face.

The Philly attitude was all over an unverified photo of a crab found carrying a cigarette around North Philadelphia, which made the rounds on social media in 2015.

Now one Reddit user has mapped some of Philly's most infamously jerky moments and stereotypes in a cartographic rendering he's dubbed "the Asshole's Guide to Philadelphia: Version 1.1."

The city's Mayfair section is labeled "Home of the Swiss Cheese Pervert" (which isn't quite accurate, because the pervert was actually from Norristown).   Holmesburg, which is home to both the city's prison complex and Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse, is labeled "Prisoners and Pulled Pork." And Overbrook, where St. Joseph's University is located, is dubbed "Jesuit Party Bros."

Of course, the McDonald's in South Philly where rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard of Wu-Tang Clan was arrested in 2000 is marked on the map, as is "Drive Like It's Mario-Kart" road, otherwise known as Roosevelt Boulevard.

The creator of the map is a 22-year-old software engineer from Fishtown who asked that his name be withheld to protect his professional integrity. He goes by the name ComradeNapolein on Reddit.  In an email, he said the map took him about an hour to design in Microsoft Paint. He created it in response to a similar map made several years ago that he felt had too many racist remarks about parts of North and West Philly.

"I felt I could do better," he said.

The response to the map has been "surreal," according to ComradeNapolein. It's received 473 comments on Reddit and he's watched as his friends from high school have posted it to Facebook without knowing he created it.

So how does a 22-year-old know about the O.D.B. McDonald's incident, which happened when he was 5?

"I became a big fan of Wu-Tang in high school, and when I read on Wikipedia that ODB got arrested there, I knew I had to make the pilgrimage," he said. "It's a crucial piece of Philadelphia history I think everyone should be aware of."

Of what he's labeled "The World's Longest On-Ramp Detour," ComradeNapolein explained: "God, how long has the Girard on-ramp been closed? I've gotten used to the detour now, but when I first had to drive it, it felt like a tour of the city going through all of [the] industrial yards, rumble strips to stop drag racing, and topping it off with that strip club that sometimes has flames shooting out of the roof."

ComradeNapolein's tongue-in-cheek creation has not been without controversy. He said he's received criticism from some Northeast Philly residents for what they consider disparaging remarks about their neighborhoods.

"They clearly missed the key phrase, 'Asshole's Guide,' " he said.