Justice may be blind, but in Philadelphia on Friday she was wearing green.

Paige Gross, 22, said prospective jurors, a few of whom showed up for jury duty in Eagles gear, were filling out their required forms when a clerk for Philadelphia's Civil Court at City Hall asked if anyone would sing the Eagles fight song with her.

"[A]fter a few people said 'pass' one guy in the front of the room started singing and she gave him her little microphone," said Gross, a reporter with NJ.com and a former Philadelphia Daily News intern. "He pretty much sang it himself until the chant at the end and then a whole bunch of people joined him and cheered."

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There was no escaping the Eagles fight song on Friday, two days before the team was set to play the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC championship game at Lincoln Financial Field.

As Twitter user Jess D noted, work productivity was low.

Over at the Sweet Eats Bakery in Marlton, the shop was playing the Eagles' fight song as the hold music on their telephone, according to Twitter user Megan Mitchell. Now that is a sweet treat for callers!

Twitter user Brian McLaughlin wrote that he was whistling the Eagles fight song walking down the street to his car Friday morning when "a lady ran out of her house and started screaming E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles."

Others celebrated the Eagles' upcoming game by going green.

The Office of the City Representative tweeted out a beautiful photo of Boathouse Row bathed in green lights. McGillin's Old Ale House, Philly's oldest continuously operating bar, announced it would be sending the Eagles the "luck of the Irish" by serving green beer and "Iggletinis" made of vanilla vodka, creme de cacao and green creme de menthe.


At businesses all over the area, workers wore their best Eagles gear to the office Friday. Over at the Academy of Natural Sciences, employees posed for a photo at the museum's "Eagle's Nest."

And at Cosmo DeNicola Companies, a privately held holding company in Fort Washington, workers expressed how paws-itively hyped they were for the game by donning underdog masks.

At the Temple University School of Pharmacy, at least one professor showed up hyped to teach and hyped for the game on Sunday, according to Twitter user Amber Heffelfinger.

"Dr S. is wearing an Eagles jersey to lecture us on renal replacement therapy," she wrote. "…lowkey can't wait to see this city this weekend with a chance to go to the Super Bowl on the line."

We'd like to think we know what Dr. S would prescribe to us if he was here — more Eagles fight song!

While we haven't heard of anyone trying it (yet), it would almost be possible to conduct business using only lines from the fight song:

"How many loaves of bread do you need, Sal?"

"One, two, three!"

"Where are you headed on your business trip next weekend, Janet?"

"On the road to victory!"