If your commute on SEPTA or the Schuylkill isn't weird enough for you, you have the opportunity to turn the strange up a notch this week by ordering a Lyft ride straight out of the Upside Down.

In conjunction with Friday's release of the second season of Netflix's Stranger Things, Lyft users in Philadelphia and Los Angeles will have the option to take Lyft's "Strange Mode" from 4 to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Cars in "Strange Mode" will have radio interference, blinking lights, broken seats, a pulsating ceiling, and a driver who vomits a slug right before your eyes, according to Deadline Hollywood. And at the end of the it all, you get an Eggo.

Pretty sure I had a similar cab ride following a late night at the Pen and Pencil Club once.

Andrew Woolf, general manager of Lyft Pennsylvania, said Philadelphia was chosen in part because of Lyft's popularity in the region.

"We've seen tremendous growth in Philadelphia, and we wanted to show our appreciation by delivering a unique experience for passengers here — just in time for Halloween," he said in a statement.

We appreciate that Lyft chose our city, but if it really wants to do "Strange Mode" in Philly right, we have some suggestions.

First, the drivers should be dressed as the Swiss Cheese Pervert and bring real slices of Swiss. Or, they should be dressed as taxi drivers and make stops at random intervals to, ahem, leave a piece of themselves behind on the sidewalk. Both should be total mouthbreathers.

Riders should then be taken on a tour of every Toynbee Tile in the city before being dropped off at one of two locations: Philadelphia's famed Mütter Museum of medical oddities or Wing Bowl, where, if the digestive issues don't scare you, the misogyny will.

Instead of vomiting a slug, the driver vomits a piece of scrapple — looks at it, looks at you, and then digests it again. And at the end of your journey, instead of getting an Eggo, you get a soft pretzel and a Citywide while you watch the Phillie Phanatic battle the Demogorgon to the death.

We've got $11 on the Phanatic to win.

Staff writer David Gambacorta contributed the Wing Bowl zinger to this article.