Remember the Pennsylvania town where residents' taps dispensed brown fluid, water became flammable, and one resident's backyard well blew up?  Few had heard of Dimock, Pa., until the award-winning 2010 documentary Gasland launched a massive environmental movement to oppose fracking.  Then the town got more attention in the pro-fracking movie FrackNation, and counter-protests sprung up in small towns where fracking money had revitalized lagging economies.  In the intervening years, residents have continued to struggle with what they say is frack-tainted water and a protracted legal battle against Houston-based Cabot Oil & Gas.

This week, the last two Dimock family reached legal settlements with Cabot.  Here's a look back at what has changed — and what hasn't — in Dimock.

Where is Dimock? It's a township northwest of Scranton, in Susquehanna County. Population about 1,500.