After getting arrested and losing her job following a profane tirade outside a Philadelphia comedy club Sunday night, former PHL17 news production employee Colleen Campbell says she thinks she might have been drugged and wants to personally  apologize to the police officer who was the target of the rant.

"My actions on that video are not the result of a handful of drinks spaced out over a couple of hours," Campbell said. "I believe I may have been unknowingly drugged at some point that night."

"I am hopeful that the Philadelphia police officer who dealt with me Sunday night will allow me to apologize to him in person to express to him how truly sorry I am for what has transpired," Campbell said.

Campbell said she declined to be tested for drugs while in police custody because it would have delayed the process of her release.

In a video that has garnered over 3 million views, Campbell is seen unloading against an exceedingly patient Philadelphia police officer after being asked to leave the Helium Comedy Club on Sunday night.

Campbell is seen throwing out a relentless number of profane insults before appearing to spit in the face of the club's manager, leading the officer to handcuff and arrest her.

Watch —Warning: Extreme language:

"I am ashamed and embarrassed by my actions. They were profane, inappropriate, and offensive," Campbell said. "The person in that video is not the real me."

Wayne Pollock, a spokesman for the family, said since the video was shared by comedian Wil Sylvince, Campbell has been the recipient of thousands of lewd and threatening phone calls, texts, messages and emails.

According to a source at PHL17, Campbell was fired as soon as management saw the video. She has been charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct, and is due to appear in court June 13.