One brother in the Street family was defeated at the polls yesterday. Will another be on the ballot for the Nov. 8 general election?

Former state legislator T. Milton Street lost his primary-election challenge to Mayor Nutter, shifting the focus to former Mayor John Street, who switched his voter registration from Democrat to independent just in time to make a run in the fall.

Street has said that he is "keeping a variety of options available as a matter of good politics."

That could mean another run for mayor or for one of the two City Council at-large seats set aside for top vote-getters who are not a part of the majority party.

John Street yesterday said that he would have something to say today about his plans for the fall.

George Burrell, who served in Street's administration, said that Street could win a Council seat but that he doubts he will try.

"It's hard for me to imagine that Mayor Street could see going back to City Council in a nonleadership capacity," Burrell said. "There isn't enough time to raise the kind of money to run competitively as an independent in the mayoral campaign. I see him as one who continues to be interested in public [issues]."

Staff writer Jan Ransom contributed to this report.