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Yo, it's a Daily News quiz on presidents

Since it’s Presidents Day, see what you know and what you don’t about American presidents.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.
Happy Birthday, Mr. President.Read more

IN HONOR of Presidents Day, here's a little fun Daily News quiz to test and possibly expand your knowledge of U.S. presidents.

See what you know, see what you don't know, see whether every answer is "c."

Enjoy. Correct answers/fun facts below.

1: Pennsylvania's only president, James Buchanan (1857-1861), was a lifelong bachelor, likely gay and a die-hard drinker: He stopped at a distillery every Sunday for a 10-gallon jug of whiskey. But another president, who evidently would have loved Pennsylvania's old closed-on-Sunday state-store policy, banned all booze from the White House. Who was he?

(a) Franklin Pierce

(b) Warren Harding

(c) Rutherford Hayes

(d) Jimmy Carter

2: It's not uncommon for myths to rise around presidents. Some can be surprising. Which of the following surprising things about Abraham Lincoln is true?

(a) He never was much of a rail-splitter.

(b) That hat covered a congenital cowlick.

(c) He was a licensed bartender.

(d)He was born in Kenya.

3: What did President Clinton raise while in the White House that remains in place today?

(a) The minimum wage

(b) An Arkansas okra garden

(c) A tent in his trousers

(d) The annual salary of the president

4: George Washington was known for many things, some actual, some fictional. Which of the following was something Washington actually did?

(a) As a young man, threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River.

(b) Wore wooden false teeth known as the George Washington Bridge.

(c) Refused a salary as president.

(d) Lived in a city named after him.

5: Who was (so far) the only U.S. president for whom English was not his first language?

(a) George W. Bush

(b) Zachary Taylor

(c) Martin Van Buren

(d) Millard Fillmore

6: A president with four names is a real rarity. Which of the following actually has/had four names?

(a) Barack Hussein Berko Obama

(b) Lyndon Baines Billygoat Johnson

(c) George Herbert Walker Bush

(d) William Slick Willie Clinton

7: Who was the youngest person to serve as president?

(a) Barack Obama

(b) John Kennedy

(c) Teddy Roosevelt

(d) Ulysses Grant


1: (c) Hayes; he kept his White House alcohol-free; first lady Lucy became known as "Lemonade Lucy." Carter banned hard liquor but allowed wine.

2: (c) Bartender; young Abe and a partner owned a store/pub called Berry and Lincoln in New Salem, Ill., licensed to sell booze by the drink.

3: (d) Raised the salary from $200,000 to $400,000 (where it stands today). It first was collected by George W. Bush.

4: (c) Refused a salary which, amazingly, in 1789 was $25,000 - as much as $4 million today. Silver dollars weren't minted until after Washington was president. His false teeth weren't wooden. He never lived in Washington.

5: (c) Van Buren, though evidence might suggest (a). Van Buren was raised speaking Dutch and learned English. He also was the first president born a U.S citizen (in 1782). His predecessors were born subjects of the British crown.

6: (c) Bush; he's so far the only president with four names.

7: (c) Roosevelt; he was 42 and vice president when President William McKinley was assassinated. Kennedy, at 43, was the youngest elected president; Obama was 47; Grant was 46.