Marjorie Margolies' campaign on Thursday vehemently denied allegations that she spent general-election funds on primary-election expenses in violation of federal law.

Campaign treasurer Jennifer May said in a statement that "at no time did Marjorie 2014 access general-election funds for expenditures in this primary."

Margolies' most recent finance report, filed April 15 with the Federal Election Commission, shows that the campaign had run out of primary funds from Jan. 15 to March 31, but continued to write checks totaling more than $70,000. None of those expenditures was designated as a general-election cost on the campaign's report.

On the last day of the quarter, records show, Margolies deposited a significant number of contributions, bringing her primary cash on hand up to about $5,000 and her general cash on hand up to about $154,000.

State Sen. Daylin Leach, who is running against Margolies for the Democratic nomination in the 13th Congressional District, filed a complaint Wednesday with the FEC and doubled down Thursday by calling on Margolies to bow out of the race.

"The math speaks for itself," said Aren Platt, Leach's campaign manager, demanding that Margolies' campaign release daily transaction records. "If they're saying that what we know to be true, based on their own finance report, is not true, then they need to prove it."

Ken Smukler, senior adviser to Margolies, said in response: "Daylin Leach has become the carnival barker of this congressional campaign. Last week trying to get folks into his tent to watch him bad-mouth President Clinton, this week throwing a bunch of names at Marjorie. But like many clowns, he's more sad than funny."

The other two candidates in the race, State Rep. Brendan Boyle and Valerie Arkoosh, declined to comment on the allegations against Margolies.

Margolies' campaign would not elaborate on May's statement or explain the seeming discrepancy with her finance report.

The campaign has hired a new attorney, former FEC Commissioner Karl Sandstrom, to represent it in the matter.