Pennsylvania's new governor pitched the state to the energy industry Tuesday morning during a conference at the Convention Center.

"We should be fertile ground for you to come and do your business," Gov. Wolf said in a speech at Globalcon, an event for the energy industry hosted by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Pennsylvania will be increasingly friendly to energy-efficient businesses under his administration, Wolf said. He also touted his plan to reduce the corporate income tax. The tax currently is 9.99 percent; Wolf said he wants it reduced to 5.99 percent by next year. He proposed a 4.99 percent rate by 2018.

"I want to signal to the world that we are open for business," Wolf said.

Incentives for businesses making clean and efficient energy, such as solar cells, should be a temporary boost to help them gain a foothold and become self-sufficient, Wolf said.

"The goal, of course, is to make energy efficiency work on its own," he said.

Globalcon is an annual conference designed to showcase what is new and innovative in the energy industry, as well as an opportunity for industry and government to exchange ideas.

Much of Wolf's speech Tuesday was reworked from his campaign stump speech prior to his November defeat of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.

Wolf, a Democrat, pitched job creation, education reform, and government transparency as the hallmarks of his administration.

"I want you to come here and think this is a place you want to come and do business," he said.