Gov. Wolf on Friday signed hard-fought legislation that will allow ride share firms like Uber and Lyft to operate legally in Philadelphia.

"This bill puts an end to any questions of these companies operating in our Commonwealth, and especially answers questions about their operations in Philadelphia," Wolf said at the bill signing ceremony in the Capitol.

Under the measure, ride share firms would pay 1.4 percent of their gross receipts from fares that originate in the city to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which oversees taxi and limousine services in the city.

The cash-strapped School District would get about two-thirds of that money - projected at more than $2 million annually - and the PPA would keep the rest.

The bill, which takes effect immediately, also establishes dozens of requirements and conditions for operating, including insurance coverage and criminal background checks for drivers.

It also calls for a zero-tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers while on the job, and asks ride share companies to take "reasonable steps" to ensure no rider is denied service on the basis of discrimination.

The legislation was years in the making, during which time a state regulatory agency imposed the largest fine in its history - $11.4 million - on Uber for operating a transportation business without its approval two years ago.

The bill signed by Wolf Friday is silent on whether the fine will wiped off the books, which some legislators support.