Chris Hurst, a former Virginia TV news anchor from the Main Line whose journalist girlfriend was fatally shot during a live broadcast in 2015, was elected Tuesday to the Virginia legislature, defeating an NRA-supported Republican incumbent in a come from behind race.

While Hurst campaigned on keeping guns away from domestic abusers and the mentally ill, he has said his candidacy "has never been solely about gun violence" and he stressed such issues as climate change, equal pay for women, abortion rights and racial injustice on the campaign trail.

Hurst's girlfriend, Alison Parker, whom he planned to marry, and her cameraman, Adam Ward were shot and killed in August 2015 by a former colleague while filming a segment for their Roanoke news station. Parker was a morning reporter and Hurst an evening anchor at the station, WDBJ.

Encouraged in part by Parker's parents, Hurst, who grew up in Chester County and spent countless hours in the Conestoga High School TV studio before going to work in Roanoke when he was 21, decided in February to run for office in the wake of the shooting.

On Tuesday he was elected to represent Virginia's 12th District in the House of Delegates, defeating Republican incumbant Joseph Yost who had an A-rating from the National Rifle Association.