City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson introduced a resolution Thursday to create a special committee on gun-violence prevention.

The legislation, cosponsored by Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and Council President Darrell L. Clarke, comes a week after Councilman David Oh was stabbed outside his home in an apparent carjacking attempt.

The incident prompted Clarke to promise a Council response to address violence more broadly, citywide.

The legislation would create a committee, with members appointed by Clarke, to meet regularly with leaders from law enforcement, public health, social services, and neighborhoods. The committee would also hold hearings.

Johnson, introducing the resolution in Council on Thursday, cited the average three people shot in Philadelphia each day. So far this year, about 480 people have been shot in the city and about 100 have died.

"Shootings are so common, if you go to a Philadelphia classroom and ask them if they know someone who's been shot, every one of their hands will go up," Johnson said during the Council meeting. "The devastating impact that gun violence has had on our communities should never be accepted."

Johnson said his hope is that the committee comes up with neighborhood-specific strategies.

Council already has a public safety committee that regularly convenes hearings. Last year, Council created a commission on youth gun violence to give young adults more of a voice in addressing violence in Philadelphia.