Mayor Kenney was nowhere to be found in Philadelphia last Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday.

Where did he go? Was he wandering around New York City "just to be anonymous," as he is wont to do?

As it turns out, Clout has learned, Kenney was on a glamorous getaway to Jamaica.

Mike Dunn, a spokesman for Kenney, said "it was his first vacation since last August." He said Kenney stayed at the island from Wednesday to Saturday, and paid for the "personal" trip himself. Dunn would not say whether Kenney's girlfriend, Letty Santarelli, accompanied him.

"He reports that he had a miserable time because the weather was terrible," said Dunn. "He was supposed to return Sunday, but returned Saturday instead."

Kenney has complained about his fans asking him for selfies — and once tweeted, simply, "So sad sometimes." — so it wouldn't surprise us at all if he didn't have fun in Jamaica. But there may be another reason he cut his trip short.

"A search of Jamaica's weather last week finds that it actually was pleasant weather," said one City Hall insider. "Staff members suspect he used the weather as an excuse to get back to town in time for the Eagles game."