Glen Macnow, the popular WIP sports radio host, contemplated running for Congress in the Philadelphia suburbs.

He said he "gave very serious thought" to challenging Delaware County Republican Pat Meehan this year.

"I am concerned about the country," Macnow said. "I don't like what's being left for my children and my grandchildren in terms of the environment and debt and lack of civility."

Macnow, a former Inquirer sports reporter, said he identifies as a "moderate" Democrat: "I don't know who sees themselves in the middle in either party. But I really see myself as kind of in the middle, which is one of my frustrations with everything."

Macnow said he talked about a potential bid with "four current or past members of Congress" and "people who know how to run campaigns," as well as "some people in media." But he ultimately decided against it, he said.

A source said a former congressman told Macnow that he spent virtually all his time raising money for campaigns. Macnow responded carefully when asked if that dissuaded him.

"Here's how I'll put that," he said. "I would have liked to serve in Congress and serve the public. I think I would not have enjoyed — at all — the prospect of asking everybody I know as well as complete strangers to give me a lot of money."

National Democrats believe Pennsylvania's Seventh Congressional District is one of the seats they can potentially take this fall. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has put the district on its "target list."

Several candidates have announced that they are running in the Seventh's Democratic primary, including State Sen. Daylin Leach, who is facing allegations that he "engaged in questionable behavior with young female staffers and volunteers, from highly sexualized jokes and comments to touching they deemed inappropriate."

Macnow said his "thinking about the [race] got very serious after this stuff came out on Daylin. … That's when I said, 'If I'm ever going to do it, this would be the moment to do it.'"

Asked if no was his final decision, Macnow said, "Oh, I think so. … If I were going to get in, I would probably have had to do it by Jan. 1."

The "biggest factor" in his decision, Macnow said, is that  he didn't want to quit his day job.

"I am really looking forward to hosting the Eagles' pre-game Sunday show for the NFC Championship Game at the Linc. Frostbite be damned."