The City of Philadelphia has estimated that it will incur more than $12 million in costs due to the papal visit this coming weekend, and the World Meeting of Families will reimburse the city for those costs.

That is according to a contract signed Friday between the city and the nonprofit organization, and made public Monday night by Mayor Nutter's office.

The contract is backdated Sept. 10 and states that the nonprofit was to have provided the city with a security deposit of $2.5 million on Sept. 14.

The World Meeting of Families also is obligated to have already paid $230,000 in license fees for use of permitted locations, such as the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. A further $2.5 million security deposit was expected upon execution of the contract.

The city must provide a detailed invoice for all costs and expenses by Nov. 1, and the World Meeting of Families must reimburse the city by Nov. 30.

A detailed breakdown of the city's cost estimates revealed the following figures:

$4,987,580.41 for the Police Department, including traffic and crowd control, security, and emergency response.

$3,916,567.90 for the Fire Department, including emergency medical service and emergency response. An additional $165,514.56 is identified as the cost for fire prevention and emergency response.

$883,860.67 for the Office of Emergency Management.

$844,970.34 for the Streets Department, including lighting, highway, and sanitation services.

Examples of other estimates include the cost of food-service inspections by the Health Department, and illegal-vendor enforcement by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

The total projected cost is tallied at $12,083,913.54.

The contract outlines the types of insurance that the World Meeting of Families is required to obtain for the papal visit.

Besides general liability and workers compensation, the nonprofit also must insure against "kidnap, ransom, and extortion," and against terrorism.

The organization also must have liquor-liability insurance, and its "pyrotechnics provider" needs to be insured, the contract states.

Certificates of insurance were required to be delivered to the city on Monday, according to the contract.

The contract also outlines preparations for Pope Francis' planned Sunday visit to Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility and states that 100 inmates and 18 family members, dignitaries, and prison staff are scheduled to have an audience with the pontiff.

The World Meeting of Families set a fund-raising goal of $45 million for the weeklong world meeting and the weekend of papal events.