All five major Democratic mayoral candidates promise to expand recycling, plant trees, increase energy efficiency in city buildings and fleet vehicles - using biodiesel fuel or retrofitted engines to reduce smog - and revise city codes to promote "green" design in commercial buildings.

U.S. Rep. Bob Brady

He calls for building a hydroelectric power plant at Flat Rock Dam as a model for similar developments throughout the city. Would pay for it by seeking Growing Greener state funds. The power would be sold to PECO, with proceeds going to the Low Income Heating Assistance Program.

Would designate the Upper Roxborough Reservoir a wildlife preserve and "transform" the water department and gas works into agencies that encourage conservation instead of consumption.

State Rep. Dwight Evans

He wants to use a summer youth-jobs program to create a conservation corps to plant trees and flowers and maintain parks.

Would create a dedicated revenue stream for Fairmount Park and a "fresh-food initiative" to promote locally owned farms and farmers' markets.

Wants to create community "environmental benefits districts."

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah

He would lead annual citywide cleanups, fund grants for green roofs, and give money to the GreenPlan for open space. Would plant vacant lots, city gateways and commercial corridors, weatherize low-income residents' homes, encourage reflective "cool roofs," create a program to provide energy-efficient lights, and encourage "pool" purchasing of efficient home appliances.

Would change building code to encourage "green" construction, make energy efficiency a factor in granting zoning variances and tax breaks, and create tax incentives to promote "green" businesses and redevelopment of brownfields. All new public housing would be energy-efficient.

Would overhaul the governance of Fairmount Park and increase funding for the park.

Tom Knox

He says he would create a cabinet post for sustainability, livability and efficiency.

Would increase funding for Fairmount Park by pursuing new concessions and letting the park keep more of the revenue.

Michael Nutter

He vows to pursue the 10 proposals of the Next Great City Coalition, which all five candidates have endorsed; he has has outlined steps he says are achievable in his first year.

Among those steps: He would create a sustainability cabinet, including members from all relevant departments and agencies. Would restructure the Fairmount Park Commission to make it more independent and wants the park to generate new funding from user fees and concessions, possible surcharges on water and sewer fees and fund-raising.Would require all new roofs to be reflective or vegetative, use early-bird specials and other incentives to spur use of public transit, start a youth conservation corps, and champion a local sustainable-food movement.

- Sandy BauersEndText