Residence: Wynnefield.

Education: St. Joseph's Preparatory School, 1975; University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, 1979.

Business experience: Deejay at the Impulse disco in the late 1970s and early 1980s; investment manager at Pryor, Counts & Co. Inc. in the 1980s, specializing in public finance.

Political and government experience: City councilman representing the Fourth District, 1992-2006; chairman, Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority, 2003-07; Democratic leader of the 52d Ward, 1990-present; member, Board of City Trusts, 2001-present.

Income: The Nutters reported income of $176,742 in 2006.

Family: Wife, Lisa; daughter, Olivia, 12; adult son, Christian, from a previous relationship.

Declare a state of emergency in high-crime areas.

Step up patrols in hot spots, use curfews and checkpoints, and train officers to "stop, question and frisk" people suspected of carrying illegal weapons.

Install "thousands" of additional surveillance cameras and gunshot detectors.

Create a public-safety cabinet - the mayor, the district attorney, president judges, the police commissioner, the human services commissioner, and probation and parole authorities - to meet weekly throughout the emergency.

Lobby the General Assembly to let the city enact gun-control laws.

Hire 500 more officers.

Convene a public-safety roundtable to build cooperation in the eight-county region.

Offer tax credits to employers who hire ex-offenders.

On funding: Raise the district's share of city property-tax revenue to 60 percent and provide more city services to schools to cut their costs. Lobby for more state funding.

On governance: Put the schools back under a planned transition that would keep the state in partnership.

On education: Urge the district to fire Edison and possibly other outside contractors. Seek to cut the dropout rate, and increase the number of college graduates in the city. Push for more early-childhood programs.

On charter schools: Allow no new ones until the state promises more funding for them.

On safety: Hire a consultant to devise a safety plan for each school. Remove more disruptive students from the schools.

On the ethics plan: Proposes expanding on the Committee of Seventy's ethics agenda in several ways; require all city employees to file financial disclosure statements; make the statements of senior employees subject to random audits.

On public financing of campaigns: Wants to review this idea but is leery of committing to it when there is no solid estimate of its cost.

On campaign contribution caps: Supports. Nutter argues the caps - which he proposed - should stay in force even when self-funded candidates such as Tom Knox are in the race.