Jasmine Vega didn't have a date to Archbishop John Carroll High School's father-daughter dance Friday because her dad, U.S. Army Warrant Officer Wally Vega, is stationed in Texas.

But that didn't stop Jasmine, a freshman at the school in Radnor, from going to the dance. She even led a prayer before the crowd with the Rev. Mike Speziale.

When the two finished, Speziale noted that the following day would be Veterans Day. When he asked if anybody in the room had family members in the military, Jasmine raised her hand. She was obviously proud of her father, who had served in the war in Afghanistan.

Speziale asked the crowd to pray for all who serve in the military. Then, almost as if Jasmine's prayer had been answered in real time, her father walked in the room with a single rose to rounds of thunderous applause.

Jasmine's shock was genuine and after her dad handed her the flower, she hugged him as if she might never let go.

Then, the father and daughter shared their first dance to the song "Home."