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We asked Philly parents to send us photos of their kids on Halloween. Here's what we got

Parents submitted photos of their kids' Halloween costumes. We were not disappointed.

Liam and Liliana dressed as Beauty and the Beast for Halloween 2017.
Liam and Liliana dressed as Beauty and the Beast for Halloween 2017.Read moreContributed photo.

I think it's safe to say that the Philly region has some of the nation's cutest children. Amiright?

From Beauty and the Beast to Cleopatra, Philly kids nailed their costumes for Halloween 2017.

Here are some reader photos from Tuesday's spooky festivities. Enjoy!

Max, 7, of London Grove, Pa. put the original Willy Wonka to shame with this outfit.

The Shields family said they were "ready to let the dogs out" with a "The Hangover" family costume. Nailed it!

Rory, 2, is quite the pretty picture as Te Fiti from the movie "Moana".

Christmas came early this year for South Philly peeps Michael, 4, and Jemma, 1.

The King of Rock and Roll has never looked so adorableCheryl Chmielewski said she thought the Elvis costume was appropriate for her 4-month-old baby boy Luca, "due to his full head of hair since birth." We approve.

Admit it: Bro and sis Liam, 6 and Liliana, 4, are the most perfect Beauty and Beast duo you've ever seen.

Laura makes ruling the kingdom of Egypt look easy.

Harrison Charles, 5, kills as Rocket Raccoon (with baby Groot)!

Do you remember watching that hysterical video of an Irish family attempting to catch a bat inside their home? Drew, 10, decided to be "Derry" for Halloween. It's a name you hear a lot if you watch the video. The video went viral and the family was eventually interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. If you haven't seen the video yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. Then give Drew his props for winning Halloween.

Chris Strickland and daughter Andie, 7 months, went trick-or-treating in Langhorne. Look at that face!