Happy Friday, folks. It's still cold outside and heading into the weekend, it's only going to get colder. If you're making your way out the door, be mindful of changes to SEPTA Regional Rail service today.

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— Ray Boyd

A man struggles to control his scarf in the high winds and blowing snow in Atlantic City on January 4, 2018.
ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / Staff Photographer
A man struggles to control his scarf in the high winds and blowing snow in Atlantic City on January 4, 2018.

If you're not a fan of the cold, things are only going to get worse this week. The "bomb cyclone" left us with plenty of snow and set the stage for plummeting temperatures.

Today's weather outlook prompted SEPTA to lighten its Regional Rail service throughout the region, offering fewer trains in hopes that if issues do arise, they'll have less people stuck on less trains. Keep that in mind for your commute.

While you're waiting on the train, don't forget the damage freezing temperatures can cause to your hair and skin. In fact, your car, home and pets all need extra TLC when this type of weather hits. Could the road salt even be causing us harm?

A Code Blue was issued in Philadelphia, ramping up efforts to get people off the streets in these bitter cold conditions. Amid the city's heroin crisis, this issue is very apparent in Kensington. Addiction means many there prefer the cold over a shelter.

This struggle comes on the heels of a devastating year of loss for Philadelphia. Officials expect the total number of overdose deaths for 2017 to surpass 1,200. That's quadruple the murder rate in Philadelphia.

To make things worse, experts do not see an end in sight. For 2018, they expect the epidemic to get even worse.

Pennsylvania isn't the only state in the region that would be impacted. Delaware looks close to being the first mid-Atlantic state to legalize recreational use for adults.

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