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Stunning upset in Alabama, McNabb accused of sexual harassment, Sixers break streak | Morning Newsletter

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Democrat Doug Jones and his wife, Louise, celebrate his victory in Tuesday’s special Senate election in Alabama.
Democrat Doug Jones and his wife, Louise, celebrate his victory in Tuesday’s special Senate election in Alabama.Read moreJohn Bazemore / AP

Welcome to Wednesday. Today the high in Philadelphia will be 31 degrees. That's the high, folks, so please bundle up a bit. Then dig into the news; today we're focused on winning: Democrats, the Sixers and Flyers, and whether the Eagles can anymore.

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: What stunning Democratic win in Alabama means for 2018

In a stunning upset in a reddest-of-red state, Democrat Doug Jones won yesterday's special Senate election in Alabama, beating Republican Roy Moore. Jones' win narrows the GOP advantage in the U.S. Senate to 51-49.

Moore's campaign was plagued by accusations of sexual misconduct with multiple women when they were teenagers. Despite the scandal, he was endorsed by President Trump and the national GOP. Moore refused to concede last night and called for a recount, though Alabama's election chief says it's very unlikely the outcome would change.

The win gives Democrats some momentum ahead of the 2018 elections, opening the possibility of a Senate majority.

» READ MORE: McNabb, five other ex-NFL players accused of sexual harassment

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and five other ex-NFL players have been accused of sexual harassment by a former NFL Network wardrobe stylist. McNabb will not appear on ESPN, where he's a radio host, while the allegations are investigated.

The lawsuit alleges McNabb texted the stylist explicit comments while he was an analyst there. Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Heath Evans, Warren Sapp and Eric Davis are all named in the lawsuit for various disturbing allegations. Faulk, Taylor and Evans have been suspended by NFL Network.

Unfortunately, these are the umpteenth sexual harassment allegations to come to light in Hollywood, media, politics, and sports this year. No wonder the Philly-inspired #MeToo movement was named Time's Person of the Year.

» READ MORE: Sixers snap losing streak ahead of ESPN close-up

Last night the Sixers ended their four-game losing streak by beating the Minnesota Timberwolves in overtime 118-112. The team's been struggling to close games lately, a challenge made worse by a slew of recent injuries.

Joel Embiid played a career-high 39 minutes, 26 seconds last night partly thanks to the back tightness that kept him out of Sunday's game (it's worse when he sits for a while). Forward Robert Covington missed his second straight game due to a lower back bruise.

Regardless, the Sixers better prepare for the spotlight, because it's coming: ESPN is spending all day Friday with them. The network will cover the Sixers from morning until the 7 p.m. home match-up against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What you need to know today

  1. Terrance "TA" Williams, who served time in jail but then dedicated his life to advocating for criminal justice reform, was shot and killed Sunday. He was 22.

  2. The Pennsylvania House just approved a bill to limit the state's abortion law. It heads to Gov. Wolf's desk next, who says he will veto, but do Republicans have enough votes to override it?

  3. The Eagles should sign Colin Kaepernick, writes columnist Marcus Hayes, just in case Nick Foles gets hurt, too.  Meanwhile, columnist Mike Sielski wonders what coach Doug Pederson will be like without Carson Wentz.

  4. The fear of being torn from your family is bad enough, but in the time of Trump the stress of being an immigrant, legal or undocumented, can also be damaging to one's physical health.

  5. Scientists said not to look at the eclipse. Now one woman has its shape burned onto her retina.

  6. The FCC votes on deregulating the internet this week and the commission has received millions of comments on the issue. But many of them are actually bogus and feature stolen emails — like our reporter's.

  7. The Flyers extended their winning streak to four straight against the Maple Leafs last night. They hadn't won at home in more than a month. Glad that's over.

  8. The rumors are true: Wawa is seeking permits for a huge store by Independence Hall. Let freedom ring.

» READ MORE: #OurPhilly

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That’s Interesting

  1. Let the force be with you this weekend: the latest Star Wars flick, The Last Jedi, comes out Friday. Movie critic Gary Thompson gives it three out of four stars.  The city's brimming with Star Wars activities, too, from a themed brunch to a terrarium workshop.

  2. The next installment in the Rocky franchise, Creed II, officially has a release date and a new director. (And it's not Sly.)

  3. The Phillies are at the MLB winter meetings in Florida and they've said they will not be pursuing a big-name veteran starter through free agency — at least not this year. But they are close to a deal with relief pitcher Tommy Hunter.

  4. You may have seen this dancing "Hip Hop Grandpop" around town, but these days his moves have a holiday flair. Meet 71-year-old Matt Hopkins, the "dancing fit Santa."

  5. Urban planners are predicting the demise of the parking garage in exchange for more walkable public space. You can thank autonomous cars and ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft for that.

  6. Speaking of Uber, they just released a list of the city's most frequently requested destinations in 2017 and, in true Philly fashion, it includes multiple beer gardens.

  7. Temple professor Sara Goldrick-Rab just won a six-figure academic award, and she's donating it all to students in need. She's hoping others will match her generous gift this holiday season.


"Don't be fooled: 2017 is not 1974. 'The Broad Street Bullies' won't be winning the Stanley Cup, and the bully at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is teeing up a scheme to survive his scandal." Columnist Will Bunch explores the constitutional crisis that may ensue
— if President Trump fires investigator Robert Mueller.
  1. Does your kid have what it takes to be Baby Jesus? Author Elise Seyfried, who's cast her church's live nativity for the last 15 years, details how she chooses each year's "B.J."

  2. Last week former state senator Robert Mellow had his $245,000 pension restored despite pleading guilty and serving time for corruption. The Inquirer Editorial Board says it's beyond obscene and unconscionable, calling out a bloated and corrupt state legislature.

What we’re reading

  1. It's about time somebody asked what every fan of The Roots is wondering: What are they doing with Jimmy Fallon, and what is his political silence costing them? UPROXX has an idea.

  2. This WHYY note on the Phoenixville Firebird Festival (during which they light a giant wood bird on fire) features beautiful photos of this quirky town tradition.

  3. I loved Emily Goulet's foray into QVC as a "style-conscious 30-something" for Philadelphia Magazine. Never been a QVC watcher myself, but who hasn't fallen prey to the lure of an infomercial?

  4. Vice News just published a deep dive into data on U.S. police shootings that, among other important trends, shows Philly has seen the second-largest drop in police shootings since 2014 thanks to federal oversight.

  5. The "reckoning" taking place in Hollywood, media, and, to some extent, politics over sexual harassment overlooks many industries, including and especially the sciences. Marie Claire's report on what female scientists go through is harrowing.

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