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Eagles stomp Cowboys, union possible for Philly transit riders, more questions in nursing home fire | Morning Newsletter

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Philadelphia Eagles players mug for the cameras at the end of Sunday night’s 37-9 rout of the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Philadelphia Eagles players mug for the cameras at the end of Sunday night’s 37-9 rout of the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.Read moreClem Murray/Staff Photographer

Happy Monday, all. If you went to sleep at halftime, you're waking up to a pleasant surpriseand maybe need to have a little faith! I'm expecting to see a lot of midnight green and smiling faces on this sunny (and chilly) day after last night's Eagles win.

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: Eagles beat the Cowboys to go 9-1

Whew, what a night. Hot off a bye week, the Eagles outscored the Cowboys 37-9 last night in Arlington, Texas, earning the Birds a 9-1 record. Now they're 4-0 in the division and in the driver's seat to be the NFC's top team.

Though the first half was full of missed opportunities to capitalize on Dallas' mistakes, everything started working for the Eagles after halftime. Quarterback Carson Wentz found his groove, outplaying the Cowboys' Dak Prescott. Rookie defensive end Derek Barnett proved his worth. Jay Ajayi helped reverse Dallas' early ground advantage with a career-long run. Sadly Eagles kicker Jake Elliott was taken out of the game following a concussion, but linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill stepped in to kick off.

Epic Dallas rivalry aside, the Birds showed their true potential last night. Columnist Mike Sielski thinks it's ok to start rolling those Super Bowl meatballs. Whether you want to get your hopes up or not, it's sure a great morning to be an Eagles fan.

» READ MORE: Philly transit riders may get a union

Lay down your tweetstorm, commuters. Philly transit riders could soon have a union to advocate for their rights, because, as it turns out, screaming into the social media void just isn't that effective.

Two groupsurbanist political action committee 5th Square and the new Pennsylvanians for Transitare working toward this goal. Each hopes to create a group that will speak for riders to SEPTA and elected officials and influence transit policy.

Of course, SEPTA customer grievances are numerous and varied. But transit advocates say the timing is perfect; SEPTA is trying to improve Regional Rail and rethinking its bus service, and riders should have a say. Honk if you want better transit!

» READ MORE: Questions remain after West Chester nursing home fire

Local officials are still unsure what caused Thursday's five-alarm blaze at the Barclay Friends senior living facility. The fire displaced 160 residents and on Sunday officials were unable to say how many residents remain unaccounted for.

West Chester residents sprung up to help victims of the fire in its aftermath, both joining first responders in rescue efforts and gathering donations for the displaced seniors over the weekend.

For some, the Barclay blaze brought back memories of a deadly nursing home fire in Wayne in 1973 which, along with a string of similar incidents, spurred an overhaul of state regulations.

What you need to know today

  1. The White House is open to removing the repeal of the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate from the GOP tax bill if it will hinder its passing. The repeal continues to be a point of contention in tax overhaul efforts.

  2. Charles Manson, the hippie cult leader whose murders horrified the world in 1969, died Sunday after nearly half a century in prison.

  3. An education panel will allow the troubled Cheyney University, the nation's oldest black college, to keep its accreditation for another year as it attempts to pull itself together. Without the accreditation, it almost certainly would have closed.

  4. Thanks to last week's mistrial, Senator Bob Menendez is set to hit the campaign trail for reelection. New Jersey Democrats are ready to forgive and forget, but voters? Not so much.

  5. The FBI's hate crime investigation into former Bordentown Police Chief Frank M. Nucera Jr. began with the violent arrest of Timothy Stroye, 19. In his first interview, Stroye describes the harrowing encounter.

  6. A constitutional amendment to eliminate Pennsylvania property tax may have passed in this year's election, but don't start spending that money just yet. If history's any indication, it's not going anywhere.

  7. Lincoln Financial Field is booking…a hockey game? The Flyers are set to face the Penguins outdoors at the stadium in February 2019. Better start stock-piling those hand warmers.

» READ MORE: #OurPhilly

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That’s Interesting

  1. Need something apolitical to talk about over turkey? Try these conversation-starting, controversy-proof TV shows.

  2. Need something to cook while you're at it? Philly's finest chefs have spilled all their Thanksgiving secrets (and recipes) just for you.

  3. And if you end up in a food coma this Thursday, don't blame the turkey—you're just eating too much food. (Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear.)

  4. Big box stores are shuttering, online retailers are going brick-and-mortar, and more companies are staying closed for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Here's how to prepare for holiday shopping season. 

  5. The fierce national debate over immigration often comes to a head over  language. In Philadelphia it means supporting multilingualism and ensuring those who don't speak English can access city services like anyone else.

  6. A local coding school is doing what every debt-laden college grad has dreamed about: they only charge their pupils after they get a job with a $40,000 salary.

  7. After fighting a court order for 11 years, big tobacco is starting a massive ad campaign admitting that cigarettes are deadly. Karma's a trip.


"Innocent until proven guilty is more than a bumper sticker."
— Columnist Stu Bykofsky writes that Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams must be found guilty before he’s forced to resign.
  1. Continued revelations of sexual harassment and assault through the public sphere don't make 2017 the "Year of the Woman," writes the Inquirer Editorial Board. It's too early to celebrate when there's so much progress to be made.

  2. Brian Jordan, president of the Illinois Food Retailers Association, says Philly should go the way of Cook County, Illinois and repeal its soda tax.

What we’re reading

  1. Philly poet Just Mike built an Instagram-famous brand selling empowerment to women. This mesmerizing profile from The Lily explains his problematic rise to fame.

  2. I have to hand it to The Onion: their report that Philadelphia razed Center City to make room for Amazon is a pretty great roast.

  3. Refinery 29 has put together a glossary of LGBTQ terms that we can all learn something from.

  4. Unless you're very tech-savvy, two-factor (or password) authentication is a great step towards cyber security. But you probably don't use it. The Outline explains why.

  5. Over at Buzzfeed, through a heartbreaking personal history Jewel Wicker reminds us that the drug epidemic isn't new—just the response is.

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