Good morning, Philadelphia. Last night's Eagles win was rough, and it feels like the city's holding its breath for Wentz news. In the meantime I'm distracting myself with Craig LaBan's top 25 restaurants while keeping an eye on the state gerrymandering trial.

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: Eagles win, and lose, big

The Eagles won big against the Rams last night, winning the NFC East and taking the top playoff seed. But it came at a price: quarterback Carson Wentz suffered a knee injury that took him out of the game.

There was no update on Wentz's status after the game, though there are fears that he tore his ACL; we'll know more pending an MRI today. Are Super Bowl dreams dashed without him? Columnist Mike Sielski certainly thinks soWith Wentz's fearlessness, an injury was inevitable, reporter Jeff McLane writes.

Backup quarterback Nick Foles stepped in to lead the Birds to victory with the help of the Eagles defense. Foles says he's prepared to do it again if necessary.

» READ MORE: Philadelphia’s top 25 restaurants

That's right, it's end-of-year-list season, and restaurant critic Craig LaBan is no exception. He's put together a new list of his top 25 Philadelphia restaurants, just in time for entertaining visitors this holiday.

There are eight newcomers joining the list since LaBan's inaugural 2016 dining guide, including Friday Saturday Sunday ("a bold evolution under new owners") and Walnut Street Cafe ("a knockout destination").

Look for updated reviews for best-of veterans, too. Vernick is still "Philly's best overall restaurant" and "Vedge is rightfully now a national destination."

» READ MORE: The data Pa. Republicans don’t want you to see

When creating the current congressional map, GOP lawmakers had access to data giving them a granular look at Pennsylvania's partisan makeup. Did they use it to make a skewed map? That's what a federal gerrymandering trial will try to decide.

What we do know: state Republicans fought to keep the data private. And Pennsylvania is one of the most extreme congressional gerrymanders in the country.

The data isn't inherently suspicious, but when paired with the current map it could be a smoking gun. The trial should be decided by the end of the year and could impact the 2018 elections. A state court trial on the map begins today, too.

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"Only the rich can expect to benefit from this the rest of us are getting coal in our stockings. Call your representatives to stop this bill."
— Mayor Jim Kenney urges Philadelphia residents to oppose the GOP’s tax bill, which he says would cut jobs, increase tax burdens, and raise insurance premiums in the city.

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