Good morning, Philly. Today, Ronnie Polaneczky's moving four-part series on adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities comes to a close; it's a must-read, if I may say so. And the world is watching as the aftermath of President Trump's declaration on Jerusalem unfolds.

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— Aubrey Nagle

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Philadelphia and Pittsburgh couldn't be more different. Philly's bigger, louder, more historic — and then, of course, there's the fans. So why has Pittsburgh won more than twice as many major professional championships in the last 50 years?

Perhaps the city's identity clings to its championships and their fans are less likely to gripe about a struggling team. Or maybe it defies explanation.

As each city's NFL team eyes up the Super Bowl, reporter Frank Fitzpatrick investigates why the Steel City is the "City of Champions." (Philly fan trigger warning: there are infographics, and they will make you a little sad.)

» READ MORE: Falling Off the Cliff: Life After Death

Aging parents of adult children with intellectual and developmental disabilities must devise plans for their children's future, one where they're no longer around, well in advance. These difficult conversations are made more so by the sometimes limited care options available.

The final chapter of columnist Ronnie Polaneczky's series "Falling Off the Cliff" focuses on how parents ensure their loved ones will be cared for.

» READ MORE: Trump’s Jerusalem declaration gets strong reaction

Yesterday, President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and vowed to move the U.S. Embassy there. Reactions to the declaration, which broke with 70 years of U.S. policy, have ranged from joy to outrage.

Leaders across the globe have condemned the move, which many fear will spark protests and violence and delay critical peace talks. Perhaps ironically, Trump's move undermines what son-in-law Jared Kushner has been trying to do for months: devise a new peace plan between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Hamas militant group called for a new armed uprising and Palestinians called for protests in wake of the announcement. As columnist Trudy Rubin writes, the move "seemed more oriented toward pleasing his evangelical base (and key Republican donor Sheldon Adelson) than achieving peace."

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