It sure is December. There's a chance of snow flurries in our region today and the Jersey Shore could see its first dusting of snow, too. How else do we know it's the last month of the year? Gift giving stress is upon us. Luckily, reporter Erin McCarthy is answering one of your burning questions this morning: who do you tip during the holidays, and how much? We have the answer to another question what's ailing Sixers guard Markelle Fultz? today, too. But it may not make Sixers fans all warm and fuzzy.

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Tip or no holiday tip? Etiquette for letter carriers, dog walkers, and other VIPs

The holidays can be stressful, especially when it comes to checking off your shopping list. How much do you spend on relatives and friends? What should you get them?

Those who provide regular services like garbage collectors and letter carriers prompt more questions: should you tip them? If so, should it be cash or something more personal?

Of course, the answer depends on who you ask — so reporter Erin McCarthy asked tippers themselves, etiquette experts, and those on the receiving end of cash, Wawa gift cards and homemade sweets.

Report: Phila. School District lost $62 million in revenue in 2017 to tax abatements

The School District of Philadelphia lost out on $62 million in 2017 thanks to tax abatements and other tax breaks, according to a new study.

Data used in the study found Philadelphia lost the second highest amount of revenue out of 5,600 school districts throughout the country.

In other school news, the city just launched a new website to make it easier to find public, charter, and private school teaching jobs in Philly.

Official testifies N.J. Gov. Murphy’s campaign, administration ignored sexual assault allegation

An official in the administration of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy testified during a legislative hearing Tuesday that high-ranking members of Murphy’s campaign and staff, including the governor himself, failed to act when she tried to alert them about a campaign aide who she says raped her.

Katie Brennan, now chief of staff for the state's housing agency, was a volunteer for the Murphy campaign when she says she was assaulted in her apartment by Albert J. Alvarez, who was the campaign's director of Muslim and Latino outreach.

"And at each turn, my pleas for help went unanswered," she told the special committee investigating how the allegations were handled.

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