Happy Monday, folks. It was a chilly, Eagles-less weekend and it's set to be another chilly day, with a wet morning to boot. We're kicking the week off with a fresh candidate in the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor's race, more bad news for Meek Mill (sorry, fans), and an exciting new series I think you're gonna love.

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: Undercover Gangster: A cop and a criminal on a collision course

In the first of a five-part series, "Undercover Gangster," reporter David Gambacorta follows the lives of two men as they tread their fathers' footsteps down very different paths.

One is Joe Murray, a Philly-bred detective trying to live up to his family name (and reeling in a social media following along the way). The other is Michael Lockhart, a voice of gun violence prevention by day and a gun-toting gangster by night.

The choices they make lead them on a collision course. Follow along all week as each new chapter is revealed.

» READ MORE: Last-minute addition to law protects one Pa. casino

A mysterious amendment to the sweeping expansion of casino gambling in Pennsylvania protects one of the state's casinos, Mount Airy Casino Resort, from competition. And no one knows who added it. Intrigue.

The casino's owner is the daughter of Louis DeNaples, the casino's founder who was forced to sell his share in the business after he was dogged by claims of ties to organized crime. The bill opens up opportunities for "mini-casinos" around the state, but they must be 25 miles away from one of the state's larger gambling houses.

Legislators are hoping to attract these "sinners" — in this case gamblers, drinkers, and smokers — so the taxes they pay on their vices can help balance the state budget. But "sin taxes" are a double-edged sword: the tax is meant to curb a bad habit, so relying on its revenue is no safe bet.

» READ MORE: Is the Delaware River waterfront Philly’s Miami Beach?

If developer Jeffery Kozero gets his way, it will be. He wants to build 10 towers of up to 34 stories along the Delaware River. But if Kozero's history — checkered with unfinished houses, unhappy customers, and unpaid contractors — has any weight, it could all be a pipe dream.

His current plans would require big zoning changes meant to maintain the neighborhood's feel and keep away speculative, doomed-to-fail projects, and so far he doesn't have the green light.

The same zoning rules that keep Kozero's plan in limbo have Bart Blatstein's South Philly super Wawa on hold, too. The neighborhood has spoken: no thanks.

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